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sure, we’ll actually just tell you our prices

We don’t believe in hiding our pricing. Yes, pricing can differ depending on the need and the client, but we can at least give you a ballpark, right?


We can be your whole marketing department — Web design, content, social media, SEO, Ecommerce — for less than the price of a tiny direct mail campaign. (Seriously).


Read on to learn more about what we do and how affordable we are.

Social Media

If you’re going to do social media for your business, you need to do it right. Random, infrequent posting just isn’t going to get you anywhere.


Doing social right means you need to post everyday. Like literally EVERY DAY. You also need to be on ALL of the social networks that your customers and potential customers are on. The average person spends nearly 2 hours a day on social media — you need to be there to get their attention.


We create custom images & graphics for your business and post them everyday (even weekends) to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.


Price: Starting at $300 per month.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the work that helps your business get ranked high in Google.


While SEO can be tricky, there are no tricks. A lot of SEO “services” claim to have a secret to get you that #1 ranking. They also make a lot of promises. But there is no magic fairy dust that gets you to the top.


Here’s what it actually takes: real WORK. That’s how we do SEO.


Ranking high takes many things working together — targeting the right keywords, getting links, optimizing your website for fast page speed and for mobile, creating unique content.


Pricing: Starting at $300 per month.

Web Design

Did you know that twice as much time is spent on mobile devices than a desktop? And did you know that Google is now seeing more searches on mobile than desktop?


This means one important thing — Your website needs to be designed for Mobile first, then desktop. It’s no longer good enough for your desktop website to “adapt” for mobile. This is not how most web design agencies work… but we do. We know mobile is where the attention is, and we build websites that look great on every device.


We believe Web Design shouldn’t have to cost $2,000-$5,000. That’s transactional thinking. We believe Web Design is a long-lasting relationship – edits and updates are needed, maintenance, new content & images, etc. That’s why we charge monthly fees, not big upfront commitments. This means we’ll be there when you need us – other agencies are gone after they get paid.


Our websites are always custom design, never just templates.


Pricing: Starting at $250 per month.


Do you want to sell your products online? We can help you.


We design full Ecommerce websites that are clean and lead to more sales. You send us your product list and we do the rest.


Want to post your store to Facebook? Done. Want to be able to sell on Instagram and Pinterest too? We’ll create shoppable images and post them for you.


Eccommerce websites can go for $5,000-$10,000. But not with us… we don’t believe in such large amounts upfront. That can be hard for businesses to bankroll. Plus, those agencies treat your site like a “project” – we treat it like a relationship.


Pricing: starting at $500 per month.

Company Profile

Arbitrage Media helps businesses get the attention they need and deserve. Using strategies for Search, Social & Mobile, we give your business the impact of a whole Marketing department for less than the cost of 1 small direct mail campaign.


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